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Organic classic cotton:

 Organic classic cotton Organic classic cotton
-Composition: 100% GOTS certified cotton
-Weight: 145 g/m2
-Printable width: 144 cm
-The organic classic cotton is easy to cut and sew, and it won’t slide around your sewing machine. Once you create your new favourite pillowcase and see its design stand out on the sofa, you’ll come to realize that organic classic cotton is the perfect material used to create home decor!
-Organic classic cotton is suitable for, but not limited to: home decor, upholstery, heavier garments, curtains, tablecloths, bags,...


Organic cotton poplin:

Organic cotton poplin Organic cotton poplin
-Composition: 100% GOTS certified cotton
-Weight: 68 g/m2
-Printable width: 144 cm
-Organic cotton poplin will be easily recognized by its ribbed horizontal lines. It has a shiny surface, making it ideal for everything ranging from dresses, blouses, neckerchiefs to bed linen. The elegant touch of this fabric will last no matter how long you wear a piece of clothing. Organic cotton poplin gives us what we all long for – minimal wrinkling.
-Organic cotton poplin is suitable for, but not limited to: scarfs, accessories, blouses, pyjamas,...


Organic cotton sateen:

Organic cotton sateen Organic cotton sateen
-Composition: 100% GOTS certified cotton
-Weight: 120 g/m2
-Printable width: 144 cm
-Organic cotton sateen is more durable and shinier than classic cotton, and it will provide you with an airiness that your skin needs all day long. Organic cotton sateen is just the material you need for that sleeping-on-the-clouds feeling.
-Organic cotton sateen is suitable for, but not limited to: shirts, dresses, beddings, table linens, curtains,...


Organic single jersey:

Organic single jersey Organic single jersey
-Composition: 100% organic cotton
-Weight: 155 g/m2
-Printable width: 150 cm
-Organic single jersey has a dense composition and is moderately stretchable (2 way stretch), breathable and mid-weight. It is the perfect solution for clothes that will be light and comfortable on your skin. For generations, this fabric has been the fan favourite of everyone looking for a classic T-shirt.
-Organic single jersey is suitable for, but not limited to: underwear, dresses,...


Organic stretch jersey:

Organic stretch jersey Organic stretch jersey
-Composition: 92% organic cotton, 8% elastane
-Weight: 220 g/m2
-Printable width: 150 cm
-Organic stretch jersey is a densely knit fabric whose middle weight combines the breathability of cotton and flexibility of elastane. Its main characteristics are 4-way flexibility, smooth surface which will perfectly reflect colours, and the feeling of comfort it leaves on your skin. 
-Organic stretch jersey is suitable for, but not limited to: skin-tight clothes, shirts, hair accessories,...


Organic interlock jersey:

Organic interlock jersey Organic interlock jersey
-Composition: 100% organic cotton
-Weight: 220 g/m2
-Printable width: 145 cm
-Tightly knit fibres made of organic cotton are what makes organic interlock jersey soft, smooth and comfortable. Its elasticity and antibacterial properties make it ideal for children and baby clothes, as well as for everyone looking for comfort. Its thickness guarantees easy sewing – this fabric is firm and will easily adapt to the challenges of the sewing machine.
-Organic interlock jersey is suitable for, but not limited to: children and baby clothes, comfortable clothes, pyjamas, lingerie, bedsheets,...


Brushed knit:

Brushed knit Brushed knit
-Composition: 100% polyester
-Weight: 310 g/m2
-Printable width: 157 cm
-Brushed knit has a ‘combed’ reverse side, that caresses your skin during those cold winter months. How come? All things polyester are known as excellent moisture regulators, and they also provide great thermal insulation, so rest assured that the heat will stay between your skin and this material regardless of the wind and snow. As a true brushed knit, this fabric doesn't have a lot of stretch.
-Brushed knit is suitable for, but not limited to: sweatshirts, hoodies, tracksuit bottoms,...


Sport knit:

Sport knit Sport knit
-Composition: 82% polyester, 18% elastane
-Weight: 230 g/m2
-Printable width: 158 cm
-Sports activities stimulate sweating, so it’s very important to choose sportswear made of materials that don’t absorb sweat. Sport knit is a densely woven fabric made of polyester and elastane. It is stretchable in both directions, meaning it’s ideal for sportswear. It is not sheer and is easy to maintain.
-Sport knit is suitable for, but not limited to: elastic sportswear, leggings, sports bras,...


Recycled swim knit:

Recycled swim knit Recycled swim knit
-Composition: 78% recycled polyester, 22% elastane
-Weight: 190 g/m2
-Printable width: 148 cm
-Recycled swim knit is the ideal candidate to make swimsuits for women, men or children. After all, this is a stretchable material that is light and drapes perfectly. But these features also make it perfect for leggings, sports tops and other stretchable sportswear – this is a combination of (recycled!) polyester and elastane, making it best friend to all athletes!
-Recycled swim knit is suitable for, but not limited to: elastic sportswear, leggings, swimwear,...



Minky Minky
-Composition: 100% polyester
-Weight: 300 g/m2
-Printable width: 168 cm
-Minky is the material for those cold winter months. It is just so soft, so comfortable and so warm that you will want to wrap yourself in it forever (or at least until summer). It has excellent thermal insulation; it is highly durable and ideal for those cute winter blankets and soft clothes that will keep you warm in autumn and winter.
-Minky is suitable for, but not limited to: blankets, soft apparel,...




Fleece Fleece
-Composition: 100% polyester
-Weight: 280 g/m2
-Printable width: 168 cm
-Fleece is a fabric made of 100% polyester, and its main qualities are comfort, moderate stretchability and excellent heat insulation. It is also a low-maintenance fabric. It’s clearly no wonder that fleece is generally synonymous with those warm winter clothes and house textiles.
-Fleece is suitable for, but not limited to: blankets, soft apparel,...



-Composition: 100% polyester
-Weight: 320 g/m2
-Printable width: 140 cm
-Softshell fabric has two layers. First one, a waterproof membrane protects the inner, soft and warm fleece. Softshell is windproof, waterproof and breathable at the same time. Waterproof softshell is an exceptional textile for outerwear. Softshell can be used as a base for breathable, waterproof jackets, ski suits that won’t obstruct the airflow and at the same time will shield from the wind. 
-Softshell is suitable for, but not limited to: jackets, coats, ski suits,...


Organic cotton twill:

Organic cotton twill Organic cotton twill
-Composition: 97% GOTS certified cotton, 3% elastane
-Weight: 265 g/m2
-Printable width: 146 cm
-The diagonal lines (symbolic of twill knit) guarantee durability, firmness and resilience to wrinkles. Pants and dresses, tablecloths, bags and pillowcases – everything can be made out of this material.
-Organic cotton twill is suitable for, but not limited to: jackets, skirts, bags, upholstery, decorative pillowcases,...


Organic heavy twill:

Organic heavy twill Organic heavy twill
-Composition: 100% GOTS certified cotton
-Weight: 375 g/m2
-Printable width: 156 cm
-Hercules amongst cotton materials, organic heavy twill proudly displays its firmness, durability and resilience to damaging. Heavier than organic cotton twill and similar to denim, this material is comfortable to wear despite its strength.
-Organic heavy twill is suitable for, but not limited to: uniforms, work apparel, home decor, jeans, bags, hats, upholstery,...


Organic cotton canvas:

Organic cotton canvas Organic cotton canvas
-Composition: 100% GOTS certified cotton
-Weight: 350 g/m2
-Printable width: 146 cm
-All items demanding materials that are resilient and firm will be more than happy with organic cotton canvas. You will recognize it as the face of numerous tablecloths, upholstery, pillowcases and bags. It also hides on visible places – painting canvases, for example. If paintings can survive for centuries, you can only imagine how resilient this material really is.
-Organic cotton canvas is suitable for, but not limited to: bags, hats, home decor, decorative pillowcases, accessories, upholstery,...


Organic double gauze:

Organic muslin Organic muslin
-Composition: 100% organic cotton
-Weight: 185 g/m2
-Printable width: 128 cm
-Double gauze has more than a thousand years of history and throughout it, it was considered a luxurious fabric whose price often matched that of gold. It is a soft and light material that perfectly absorbs all liquids.
-Organic double gauze is suitable for, but not limited to: baby clothes, casual clothes, children’s clothes, scarves, accessories,...



Satin Satin
-Composition: 97% polyester, 3% elastane
-Weight: 95 g/m2
-Printable width: 145 cm
-Those glamorous evening gowns that you see on red carpets usually have a beautiful glow. Due to the polyester composition of satin, you are guaranteed durability and maximum shine, and a touch of elastane also provides you with mild stretchability.
-Satin is suitable for, but not limited to: lingerie, scarfs, blouses,...


Lining (matte):

-Composition: 100% polyester
-Weight: 55 g/m2
-Printable width: 156 cm
-Smooth, delicate lining fabric with a matte finish. Printed fabric for linings will diversify the design of the handbag, decorate the inside of a jacket or a coat. The polyester lining makes it easier to put on outerwear, the lining of the dress or skirt makes the clothes fit better on the figure.
-Lining is suitable for, but not limited to: lining of dresses, skirts, jackets, coats,...


Crepe georgette:

Crepe georgette Crepe georgette
-Composition: 100% polyester
-Weight: 70 g/m2
-Printable width: 146 cm
-Oh, those beautiful, colourful neckerchiefs and blouses that flutter on the wind all around your skin! They look so elegant and luxurious, don’t they? This is the look you can accomplish with crepe georgette – polyester material that is also known as artificial silk. Extremely light and semi-sheer, it feels like a feather on your skin, making it perfect for summer clothing and fashion accessories.
-Crepe georgette is suitable for, but not limited to: scarves, bridal wear, lingerie, hair accessories,...


Waterproof tafetta:

Waterproof tafetta Waterproof tafetta
-Composition: 100% polyester with PU coating
-Weight: 85 g/m2
-Printable width: 148 cm
-You know that material that is used to make umbrellas? Well, that is waterproof tafetta – polyester material that has PU (polyurethane) coating. In other words, this material is 100% waterproof, and it also doesn’t like abrasions, corrosion and all those weather conditions you don’t want when you’re outdoors.
-Waterproof tafetta is suitable for, but not limited to: umbrellas, raincoats, bags, jackets,...



Linen Linen
-Composition: 100% linen
-Weight: 140 g/m2
-Printable width: 148 cm
-Linen is a densely woven fabric, that is moderately sheer, hypoallergenic and good at retaining colours, making it ideal for summer clothes. It has a great firmness and lightness.
-Linen is suitable for, but not limited to: blouses, dresses, tunics, shirts, upholstery, accessories,...